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After years of recording in our bedrooms, living rooms, and weird offices, we decided to make our own podcast community hub.

We offer access to podcasting workshops, custom podcast creation and studio space.

We're determined to make this space everything you're looking for. If you've got a moment, please fill out our survey.

We're creating a freelance producer roster, and we want to work with people from underrepresented groups. Add yourself to the list.

About Us


Katie Jensen
Audio Producer

She has produced podcasts for Metro News CanadaSt. Joseph MediaMotherboardPolaris Music PrizeAppcanary, The Imposter, and Canadaland. Currently, she works on The Secret Life of Canada, Safe Space, Polaris Podcast, and Avocado Toast


🐦 @katiejensen


Vicky Mochama
Writer & Host

She is the national columnist for Star Metro and a columnist for the Toronto Star. She has written for Vice, Globe and Mail, and Hazlitt. She is the co-host of Safe Space and former co-host of Canadaland Commons


🐦 @vmochama

Our Services


skills workshops

Anyone can make a podcast. From sound design to mic technique to RSS management, we'll help you refine your audio storytelling craft.


Custom podcasts

We work with clients to create high-quality engaging podcasts that audiences will listen to and love. Let's make great podcasts together. 


studio rentals

We have a professional-quality podcast recording studio with affordable hourly rates and great gear.


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