Meet Our Intern

Five questions for Elena Hudgins Lyle

Photo by Starfall Photography/Amanda Isusi Ugalde

Photo by Starfall Photography/Amanda Isusi Ugalde

First, tell us about yourself.

I’ve long been a nerd for all things sound and storytelling. I recently graduated from Ryerson University with a Media Production degree, focusing on audio and media writing. The post-grad blues are real, but luckily I’ve managed to jump from school into a pleasantly all-consuming podcasting wormhole. I’m here at Vocal Fry to explore podcast production further and to help make some awesome content!   

What podcasts have you made?

I’m hosting and co-producing an upcoming podcast called Inappropriate Questions. It breaks down invasive questions marginalized people get asked, and looks into how to be curious more respectfully. I’ve also been a contributor to FemRadio from CJRU 1280 AM. And though not technically a podcast, I produced a personal audio documentary that I’d super proud of called “Sounds Like Mom.”

Where have you worked in radio?

I most recently was an Associate Producer on CBC Radio’s Podcast Playlist. Before that I was Program Director at SpiritLive, an online station at Ryerson University.

What are your favourite three podcasts?

By The Book from Panoply is a fun-yet-critical look at self-help books that I’m obsessed with. I love Conversations With People Who Hate Me—sometimes a heartwarming listen, sometimes excruciating, but always powerful. And I’m a total sucker for Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman’s blend of music nerding and off-the-wall humour in R U Talkin’ REM RE: ME?/U Talkin U2 to Me? (I didn’t just cheat there, it’s technically one podcast, don’t @ me!)

I have too many more favourites, and I’m always looking for something new — especially queer, feminist and Canadian content. Tweet me your favourites!

What’s your favourite PART OF PODCASTING?

It’s a toss up between producing and hosting. Either way you get to tell and shape cool stories! I’m trying to become a better host, working through my fear of screwing up on mic. It’s terrifying! Producing feels more comfortable, but doing something less comfortable that ends up working out can be a thrill.

Who should have a podcast, but doesn’t yet?

Awkwafina. She has this wonderfully raspy voice and is super funny. Killer combo! Give her a pod!

You can find Elena on Twitter @elenahasacamera. Check out her upcoming podcast, Inappropriate Questions @IQ_Podcast!